NFL Week 6 Daily Fantasy Picks


Editor’s Note: Just a reminder that this dude won a motherfucking $100,000.00 doing this shit last weekend. Help yourself out by taking his advice. If you just want the picks (freakin mooch), just scroll down and ignore the chatter and tricks of the trade. But don’t come crying to us when your “sure thing” lineup didn’t pan out.

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So How About Our Daily Fantasy Guy Casually Winning 100K Last Weekend



Editor’s note: Yeah, so that happened. No biggie, no biggie. Just a casual week 5. Guy is an animal. Be sure to get on the money train for week 6. Here’s how you pick a $100K team, if that’s something you might be interested in, from the man himself. Be on the lookout for Week 6 picks later in the week.

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In Memorandum: Robert Griffin, Third of His Name


Robert Griffin the Third, 1 game. He played one game with the Browns and is now placed on the IR until November at the earliest. It’s quite possibly the most RG3 thing RG3 has ever done.

You have to tip your cap to the guy, just be sure and not make any incidental contact with him when you do. The man has a family for goodness sake. A well-adjusted, Subway fed, athletically gifted, sandcastle family. The waves of time, like the waves of the ocean, came crashing through on Sunday and washed away the fragile quarterback.

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Weekend Football Favorites


You know what the best part of football season is? It’s not fantasy football, it’s not tailgates, it’s not arguing about who should be in the college football playoff, and it’s not watching Chris Berman WHOOP! himself into a stroke. No the best part about football season is that you get to sit on your couch for two straight days and when someone asks you what you did over the weekend you get to say, “I watched football.” Boom. The entire slovenly affair of eating chips off your chest, not showering for 36 hours, and drinking 1000 beers is justified with that simple statement. If you have a weekend like that the other 8 months of the year and tell someone about it, well, then they think you’re a drunk slob. But not during football season.

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