What ever happened to. . . .Ross Wilson from Two A Days?

Note: New thing I’m trying out. Going to look up random characters from tv, sports, pop culture who had their 15 minutes a while back and see what they are up to now.

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The Challenge Rivals 3 Power Rankings: Week 10

week 9.png

Holá amigos, and welcome to this week’s The Challenge Rivals 3 power rankings. Didn’t get an elimination this week but it was still a damn solid episode. After a quick club scene TJ, in very Mexican fashion, showed up out of the blue and kidnapped all the women, AND THEN BURIED THEM ALIVE. This left the guys alone in the house for a night which led to everyone plotting against Bananas and Vince. The producers devised another great challenge this week. It was a spin on “The Dating Game” that had the guys trying to guess how their female partners answered a bunch of questions about everyone in the house. The twist was that as they were answering the questions their partners were literally buried in coffins waiting for the guys to get enough questions right and dig them up. Some people were better than others at this (looking at you Nate and Christina) and in the end Bananas and Sarah had a strong second place finish which was enough to keep them in the #1 spot in the rankings based on how the rest of the episode shook out.

1.Bananas and Sarah (#1 last week)MTV The Challenge 28
Bananas did a great job guessing Sarah’s answers to the questions. These two have known each other long enough and are good enough communicators that it was going to be very surprising if they did not do well. It came down to a dead heat between Bananas and Dario to win it and he let the pup get the best of him and steal the win. In the moment not getting the immunity looked bad since the plan for everyone in the house not named Bananas and Vince was to get rid of Bananas and Vince. But then at the winners dinner, with Dario and Nicole having won the challenge and holding all the power, Dario immediately sold his soul to Bananas and pledged his loyalty to the GOAT. The man has put all these newbs into the most incredible mental pretzel I can fathom to the point where they are more or less volunteering to let him win as long as they get a chance to come in 3rd. It’s incredible and for that reason Bananas and Sarah stay at #1. Johnny is playing chess while the rest of these idiots are playing regular checkers on a Chinese checkers board.

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The Challenge Rivals 3 Power Rankings: Week 9

week 9.png

We jumped right into the second half of last week’s challenge where the teams had to remember bits of all the random shit they stopped up all night watching. Unsurprisingly some teams didn’t fare too well here. TJ offering up clues to the teams that were doing shitty only to hit them with the, “psyche,” was pretty ruthless but also hilarious. It’s getting close to money making time and the power teams are starting to separate from the pack. But there’s one team that’s more powerful than them all. They’re two halves of the same brain, they’ve won back to back challenges, and they are STILL your #1 teams in the rankings.

1.Bananas and Sarah (#1 last week)MTV The Challenge 28
What can I say, kings stay kings. They nailed the correct order in one try (or at least that’s how MTV edited it). For winning they each got $1000 cash money and they got to go on a little Mexican day cruise. They also got to take two teams with them on the boat. Obviously Vinny Pineapples (he’s Banana’s cousin) and Jenna (dat butt) got the call and then they picked Corey and Ashley as the second team. Bananas, ever the sneak, only picked Corey to butter him up and win his trust. In reality Johnny is planning to backstab Corey the second he get’s the chance. Johnny is still upset about Corey’s role in getting him and Vince eliminated last season. Johnny has more grudges than an old Jewish woman. At the nominations they threw Devin and Cheyenne and Jamie and Kellyanne into the Jungle.

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Discussing last nights episode of The Challenge

MTV The Challenge 28

Skipping the power rankings this week since pretty much only one thing of substance happened. Obviously that thing was the Tony/Camila fight that led to them being kicked out of the house. We started with a club scene where Tony spent a lot of time challenging people to chug beer and telling people how much he hates Camila. Once everyone got back to the house Vince accidentally knocked Camila down and that led to her flipping the Camilinator switch, which means yelling like a lunatic at anyone who tries to talk to her. Tony at this point was sleeping (because he was blacked out from winning all those chugging contests) and thus not involved in the situation at all. But Bananas being the master shit stirrer that he is decided it was a good idea to wake Tony up and tell him to put his partner, Camila, to bed. You’re kidding yourself if you say Bananas didn’t know what he was doing there. That move led to the confrontation between Tony and Camila which was mostly just a shouting match. It was pretty intense though and ended after Tony cornered Camila (never touched her) and was eventually carried away by some of the other guys. Camila threw a mug at him for good measure.

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The Challenge Rivals 3 Power Rankings: Week 6


I’m gonna say it, that was a great episode of The Challenge. Easily the best episode of the last two seasons. It had drama, it had a legitimately interesting challenge, it had twists, it had a “fight”, and it had a team leaving due to an unforeseen circumstances. Then at the end of the day the old dogs showed they still have a lot of bite and for that reason Bananas and Sarah finally ascend to the top spot in the rankings.

1.Bananas and Sarah (#3 last week)MTV The Challenge 28The wiley old vets went out and made easy work of a pretty strenuous challenge this week. We even got to see Bananas Sarah run around naked. After the win Bananas acted friendly towards Sarah for the first time this season and it looked like old wounds were beginning to heal. At the victors dinner we got the full on reconciliation where Sarah apologized to Bananas for stabbing him in the back on Battle of the Exes II. On top of that they have pretty much every newbie team in the house chomping at the bit to be in the good graces of this pair of legends. Bananas decided to be the one to shoot first in his never ending rivalry with Wes and chose to send Wes and Nany in to the Jungle. The rest of the teams on this show better watch the fuck out, the grown ups are here now.


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