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Red Sox Continue to Put Bodies in The A.L. East Graveyard


I’ve been a believer of this 2016 Red Sox team since the beginning but as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, this season has been full of disappointments here and there. Without the disappointments, this Team could easily be in the same stratosphere of the Cubs. Well they are proving it when it matters most, September. The Red Sox haven’t lost a game since I last blogged about them, rattling off 8 straight wins, two 4-game sweeps of AL East foes, killing them dead. Here Lies the 2016 Yankees and the 2016 Orioles may they Rest in Peace. Continue reading “Red Sox Continue to Put Bodies in The A.L. East Graveyard”

Only Baseball Can Hurt This Bad


A buzzer beater in basketball, a last second FG in football, or a sudden death OT winner in hockey. They all may be more dramatic ways to lose in the moment but that’s all they are, moments. An instant where the eternal hopefulness of your inner sports fan is doused with an icy bucket of reality. It’s a pain that’s similar to removing a band aid. Yeah it hurts, but at least it was fast.

Not in baseball.

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