Lebron James’s Character Arc Is Perfectly In Sync With Jon Snow’s, and I Can Prove It.

For the past 6 years, no two people or entities have dominated summers quite like Lebron James and Game of Thrones fan favorite Jon Snow. Lebron has managed to make it the NBA finals every year Game of Thrones has been a TV show. The two perfectly synced timelines has allowed the parallels of the show and the league have melded so seamlessly, that Bleacher Report even has a mini web series called “Game of Zones” which pokes fun at the overlapping timelines of the two summertime entertainment powerhouses.

I consider myself a super fan of both the NBA and Game of Thrones. I read books about each, I watch both religiously, I’ve looked for Easter eggs in old episodes and chapters of Game of Thrones just like I look for clues and subtle hints in NBA Free Agents social media presence. Seriously, the similarities are uncanny.

There’s one thing I’ve been dying to say. I wish I had a mountain top so I could scream it from the top of my lungs, but I don’t. What I have is a blog that we literally resurrected like Jon Snow’s lifeless body in Season 6 episode 2 of GoT…Jon Snow and Lebron James have had the exact same character story arc…and I can prove it.  Continue reading “Lebron James’s Character Arc Is Perfectly In Sync With Jon Snow’s, and I Can Prove It.”


At Least Two More Years of Kings James’s Reign

Happy Friday everybody! Lebron’s back! I know, you’re probably thinking hey Coach, he already said he was returning during the Cavs Championship parade you idiot. That’s true, it’s not as exciting as when he first announced he returned to the Cavs after he graduation from the University of Miaimi-Heat. Still, the contract he’s about to sign is more than enough for any Cavs fan to float between now and October 25th when the Cleve hangs it’s first championship banner in the Q.

Lebron is signing a 3 year deal, 100 million dollar contract. For the first time in his illustrious career Continue reading “At Least Two More Years of Kings James’s Reign”

The MJ-Lebron Debate in 2016

Questioned asked on Pod:30:

“If Lebron James and the Cavs go undefeated in the playoffs and beat the Warriors, is that more impressive than Jordan having 6 rings?”

My response at the time: “Stop… No… C’mon…6 rings”

I was unequivocally in the camp of Jordan is in a league of his own and no one will come close to him unless they win 6+ titles. And although I still think 6 rings is a hell of a hand to play, watching what Lebron James did in these finals, to the best team in league history, was something that makes me think the Lebron James and Michael Jordan debate is an actual debate now. Which is crazy to think because it seems like we’ve been talking about it, either seriously or jokingly, since Lebron came into the league.

But I’m here today to lay down the tale of the tape because I truly believe that for the first time ever, the debate over who is the Greatest Basketball player of all-time should be taken seriously.

Early Career

Lebron came into the league straight from high school while Jordan had 2 years in college, where he won a national title at UNC. Although it is safe to say Lebron would have made any college team a national title contender, we will never know for sure so I have to give the Pre-NBA years to Jordan. Which brings up to the first of many  places where you can make an argument for either side. Lebron supporters will say he was winning awards in the NBA as a 19/20 year old while Jordan was still in College. Jordan supporters will point to the NCAA Freshman of the Year award and the National Championship banner at UNC. It really depends on how much credit you give to the NCAA or a 19/20 year old Lebron James…I’ll let me friend Colin discuss the comparison between the two up to age 30.

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The Celebration Continues

The Promise keeper sure did keep his promise. Let’s take a look at the best pictures/videos/stories coming out since the championship trophy has made it home to the Land.

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Somewhere out in this magic, beautiful world of ours, Michael Jordan is teeing off on one of the 36 holes he plans to play today. He’s got the hoop earring in, he’s wearing his best Dad jeans, probably smoking a stoagie…and he’s smiling. The ’96 Bulls may have lost their regular season title by one game this year…but they put that one win where it mattered more. The NBA Finals. Smile big for me Air Jordan, because I’m smiling just as large if not greater.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Mr. Jersey for covering the Finals for me. I have never been a jinx guy or a superstitious individual…but boy did that go out the window after completely diving into that lifestyle which resulted in the first NBA Championship in Cleveland. (I will never not wear my red and black Adidas style Kyrie Irving jersey in an elimination game for the rest of my life.) But tis true, I was scared if I posted about the Cavs I would jinx them. Mr. Jersey picked up the slack and delivered posts 1000x better than anything I have posted. Well done, sir.

Now…about the game last night and what stood out to me the most.  Continue reading “Your 2016 NBA Champions…THE CLEVELAND CAVALIERS”

What an NBA Finals Game 7 Win/Loss Means for Those Involved

Thursday night was incredible. It was enthralling. It was one of the most entertaining sporting events I’ve ever had the pleasure viewing. Lebron James proved (not that he needed to) that he is unequivocally the greatest player in the world. If you are still trying to argue that he isn’t, please just know that you’re wrong. Back to back 40 point games, 86 minutes played, and leading both teams in almost every statistical category, the man stared elimination in the face and went Super Saiyan on it’s ass. So now we go to Game 7 with Larry O’Brien on the line. With one game left in the season Steph Curry has somehow become the villain, the Warriors are reeling, and Kevin Love is still missing in action. Legacies will be solidified, perceptions will be altered, and win or lose the people of Cleveland will probably burn the city to the ground. For all the other entities involved in Game 7 a win or a loss will drastically change how they are viewed. Here’s how:

**Disclaimer: I’m a Knicks fan, I don’t really have a dog in this fight. I like Lebron but I’m not a diehard for either of these teams. Coach is our resident Cavs superfan but he’s too afraid to blog about this series out of fear of jinxing it or some shit. Even though he declared the Cavs done when they went down 3-1. You know what Mr. Jersey said? Cavs in 7.


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