Lebron James’s Character Arc Is Perfectly In Sync With Jon Snow’s, and I Can Prove It.

For the past 6 years, no two people or entities have dominated summers quite like Lebron James and Game of Thrones fan favorite Jon Snow. Lebron has managed to make it the NBA finals every year Game of Thrones has been a TV show. The two perfectly synced timelines has allowed the parallels of the show and the league have melded so seamlessly, that Bleacher Report even has a mini web series called “Game of Zones” which pokes fun at the overlapping timelines of the two summertime entertainment powerhouses.

I consider myself a super fan of both the NBA and Game of Thrones. I read books about each, I watch both religiously, I’ve looked for Easter eggs in old episodes and chapters of Game of Thrones just like I look for clues and subtle hints in NBA Free Agents social media presence. Seriously, the similarities are uncanny.

There’s one thing I’ve been dying to say. I wish I had a mountain top so I could scream it from the top of my lungs, but I don’t. What I have is a blog that we literally resurrected like Jon Snow’s lifeless body in Season 6 episode 2 of GoT…Jon Snow and Lebron James have had the exact same character story arc…and I can prove it.  Continue reading “Lebron James’s Character Arc Is Perfectly In Sync With Jon Snow’s, and I Can Prove It.”


Friday Dog Blog

The first Friday of May is here and yet the weather is looking like it’s March. So here are some great Dog stories to help you forget about the week that was and look forward to the weekend!

First we have an amazing story of a rescue inside our a rescue (a rescueption?). Ed here might be the true hero here spending his time and energy on rescuing these animals. But Rex here was the catalyst to this whole situation.

His doggy instincts kicked in and he absolutely refused to let this little bird die on his watch. Which is crazy because a year earlier it was homeless and feral and probably would have eaten the bird. I guess once dogs feel that love from a good owner, all they want to do is make sure every other living thing experiences that love too. Sure, Ed here might be a little weird, (who in there right mind feeds a humming bird every 15 minutes of the day?) but he has a hell of a story all thanks to Rex.

Next we have the original video (2010) of a great program helping inmates and dogs with little hope for the future.

Just an A+ idea out of Georgia. These dogs need owners who will put in the time and effort to train them and the inmates need something to do with their time/something to lift their spirits. Its just a program of second chances and I love it! Its just another example of how all dogs need is some love, attention, and consistency. You can check out more of this program on youtube if you are trying to kill some time the rest of the day. They even did a web-series on the program.

We are going to wrap it up with perhaps the best reunion this side of the Narrow Sea. (Spoilers) Continue reading “Friday Dog Blog”

The Round Table: A Game of Thrones Recap Blog

Episode 2: “Home”

**Disclaimer:  Ok guys, please take the next few seconds to freak out about Jon Snow’s resurrection, I’ll wait….3…..2…..1. Alright, we back? Cool. I’m sure there are tons of questions swirling around about exactly how Jon is alive again. Did Melisandre’s magic words actually work? Did it having something to do with Ghost? Is there a greater power at work? Here’s the thing though, these are questions nobody can answer right now. The text to back this resurrection up hasn’t made it off George R.R. Martin’s typewriter yet so we are all together in the dark until next Sunday on the Jon Snow front.  Continue reading “The Round Table: A Game of Thrones Recap Blog”