Lebron James’s Character Arc Is Perfectly In Sync With Jon Snow’s, and I Can Prove It.

For the past 6 years, no two people or entities have dominated summers quite like Lebron James and Game of Thrones fan favorite Jon Snow. Lebron has managed to make it the NBA finals every year Game of Thrones has been a TV show. The two perfectly synced timelines has allowed the parallels of the show and the league have melded so seamlessly, that Bleacher Report even has a mini web series called “Game of Zones” which pokes fun at the overlapping timelines of the two summertime entertainment powerhouses.

I consider myself a super fan of both the NBA and Game of Thrones. I read books about each, I watch both religiously, I’ve looked for Easter eggs in old episodes and chapters of Game of Thrones just like I look for clues and subtle hints in NBA Free Agents social media presence. Seriously, the similarities are uncanny.

There’s one thing I’ve been dying to say. I wish I had a mountain top so I could scream it from the top of my lungs, but I don’t. What I have is a blog that we literally resurrected like Jon Snow’s lifeless body in Season 6 episode 2 of GoT…Jon Snow and Lebron James have had the exact same character story arc…and I can prove it.  Continue reading “Lebron James’s Character Arc Is Perfectly In Sync With Jon Snow’s, and I Can Prove It.”


Halloween is a Month Away. Here Are What I Think Will be the Most Overused Costumes of 2016


As a dad-bod single guy, there’s not a holiday I love more than Halloween. I believe it was 30 Rock who dubbed it “Scumbag Christmas.” It’s a time where I can hide my frumpy body in over sized costumes and potentially go home out kicking my coverage. Continue reading “Halloween is a Month Away. Here Are What I Think Will be the Most Overused Costumes of 2016”

Just When I Thought Game of Thrones Couldn’t Get Any Better


Game of Thrones. Summer is coming.

HBO is officially confirming some major changes for Game of Thrones.

Season 7 of the fantasy sensation will not return until summer 2017 – pushing back from the show’s usual strategy of premiering each edition of the series in the spring (typically April).

Also, the network is confirming for the first time that next edition will consist of seven episodes (a pull back from the show’s usual 10 hours).

Plus, HBO added that the next season will be shot in Northern Ireland, Spain, and Iceland. It’s been a couple years since the Thrones team used Iceland for significant shooting, having primarily used the location for North of the Wall scenes when Jon Snow was embedded with the Wildlings camp.

Full Article from Entertainment Weekly Here

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The Round Table: A Game of Thrones Recap Blog

Episode 10: The Winds of Winter


Maester Jersey Explains: The Grand Finale

This might just be recency bias but for my money Game of Thrones just gave us the greatest season finale of any season, of any show, ever. The Winds of Winter gave us no less than five or six events that if only one of them had happened in a given episode we would have said that it was a great episode. Everything in this episode bordered on perfect. From the storylines, to the directing, to the music Thrones put it’s full power on display last night. It was a dizzying string of shock and revelation at the end of which the landscape of the show was totally (and in some instances literally) changed. Sixty-eight minutes of television has never gone by so fast and we all would have signed up for 168 minutes faster than you can say, “THEKINGINDANORF!”. With so much happening all at once it’s understandable that something huge might have slipped by you while you were still reacting to the last huge thing that happened. If you fall in to that category, fear not. Here are all the major happenings (and the ramifications of those happenings) that went down in The Winds of Winter.

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My Completely Uninformed Take on #Brexit

I’m not going to sit here and try and explain the ramifications of Great Britain leaving the European Union. It’s above my head. I’m just an Greek American citizen who’s a little pissed off that I finally learned the name of the Prime Minister as of like 2 months ago, and now he has resigned. Now all my David Cameron knowledge will only be useful when I’m watching Jeopardy.

Hell, even people in the UK don’t really know what they just voted on…so I think I can let it slide. I do have some worries about the results though, and have a proposed solution as well.

First and foremost, please feel free to educate yourself on the issue.

Now, here’s a chart that rings a very scary bell.  Continue reading “My Completely Uninformed Take on #Brexit”

The Round Table: A Game of Thrones Recap Blog

Episode 9: Battle of the Bastards

Maester Jersey Explains: What’s next in the North?

*The Rock voice*, “Finally! The Starks. Have come back! To Winterfell,”. What an episode people, what a goddamn episode. Truly one of the most satisfying hours of television this show has ever given us. I mean RIP to Rickon (run one fucking zig zag for me kid), but the good in this episode far outweighed the bad. Ramsey is dead (surely Doc will have more on that) and the North is once again in the hands of the Starks, as it should be. The real question is, now what? We’ve been building to this battle since Robb was betrayed by Roose Bolton and murdered at the Red Wedding, now that it’s won where does everyone go from here? Here’s my best guesses:

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