Friday Dog Blog

It’s back! If you don’t know about the Friday Dog Blog you might be a cat person. Be ready experience the wide range of human emotions going through this blog. Dogs rule!

First up is just one of many incredible stories about how service dogs drastically improve life for kids with autism. Is it dusty in here? Continue reading “Friday Dog Blog”


Friday Dog Blog

Blog:30 has been slow, real slow. Some may even say it is a sinking ship…Well dammit if its sinking, I’m going to go down like that string quartet on the Titanic, doing what I love til the very end. Friday Dog Blog is back! Hope you enjoy!

Best video I’ve seen in a LONG time! Dog’s favorite toy is a stuffed Gumby, so his dad dresses up as Gumby and the Dog loses its mind! MUST WATCH.


MUST READ story of a Bachelor Party finding and rescuing 7 puppies and their mother. 

Today, Annie and all 7 of her puppies are doing wonderfully and have fantastic lives ahead of them – best of all, they all live in the same area, within a 5-mile radius of one another and will get together for playdates for the rest of their lives!


(via Dogingtion post )Tucker is a 9-year old black Lab mix and the world’s only canine marine biologist. Formerly a stray on the streets of Seattle, this special dog now spends his time sniffing out and tracking orca, also known as killer whales, off the coast of Washington.

Dogs and Orcas are my favorite animals, you need to read that article to see how amazing tucker is! If your not into reading here is a video of him playing with his toy.


RIP Vine. Here is a youtube video of a bunch of vines with/about dogs. (The opposite of a must watch but its important to honor the fallen) RIP Vine.





Friday Dog Blog

So I work in a small town in CT and the local Ice Cream Man is a well known commodity, Papa Joe. He drives this 1940’s ford truck with the freezers build onto the bed of the truck. No roof no doors and he drives 20 mph everywhere he goes. It sucks to get stuck behind him. But the thing about Papa Joe is that he always has his golden retriever Bailey with him. I’ve only ever seen Bailey just chillin the truck as they drive by but today I got to meet Bailey. Easily the best part of my day! She wanted to play fetch but also wanted a belly rub all while wagging her tail so hard that her whole body was wiggling…It was fantastic! Dogs just doing dogs things. Since none of you got to meet Bailey today I was feeling guilty and  found some great dog videos for the Friday Dog Blog! Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday Dog Blog

Everyone’s favorite blog is back and tbh lacking some good stories. But the readers have been deprived of the Friday Dog Blog far too much this summer so here it is. Go pet a dog today!

First up we got the Royals from across the pond releasing some photos of Prince George. I was a huge Prince George hater before the below picture. Mostly because I know his life willbe/is infinitely better than mine and he’s only 3 (Happy Belated G). But now that I know he shares his Ice cream with his dog, something I do every time I get Ice cream, He’s fine by me. Of course PETA/RSPCA had to be a wet blanket per usual and issue warnings about feeding dog dairy…Cram you Mingers (Sick British insult  googled it ), my dog loves Ice Cream and I will be damned if I keep him from something he loves!

Prince George appears to feed ice cream to the family dog, Lupo, at their Norfolk home.

Like I said not much going on in the dog world this week so the last part here is yours truly stealing that idea of taking pictures of dogs with a camera attached to a dog. If that one girl can go viral, so can I.

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Enjoy your weekend you filthy animals



Friday Dog Blog


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T-minus 2 days until the night of nights and you are probably just trying to get through what is left of the work day. Maybe you’ve started planning how you will approach Sunday night’s Game 7/ Game Of Thrones double feature, maybe you haven’t. Either way take a break and get away from that stress by diving into the Friday’s Dog Blog. Not going to lie, the first story has me running hot but I think one of the main duties of dogs is to help you experience emotion. Nothing compares to the joy you feel when your dog greats you at the door but at the same time nothing really compares to the rage you feel when your dog eats your pizza you left on the coffee table while you went to get a drink. I’ve always tried give you, the reader, stories that will take you through different types of emotion just like a dog. Enjoy. Continue reading “Friday Dog Blog”

Friday Dog Blog

Friday Dog Blog is back and it is here to give you ol Jimmy V treatment for your last day of the week. If you are unfamiliar with the Jimmy V treatment, its fairly simple. Jim Valvano once said “If you laugh, you think and you cry, that’s a full day, that’s a heck of a day.” Well good thing it’s Friday because you are about to have a heck of a day.

The Laugh

If you own a dog you know dogs sleep a lot. If they aren’t being friendly and awesome they are usually sleeping. As you can see their sleeping methods can be quiet entertaining.


The Think

Via Reddit user KCN1– Great story about a loving dog that is a little special. He even admits he’s “not the brightest bulb in the shed.” Stanley the Mentally challenged dog is an interesting story because you don’t see too many mentally challenged dogs, as a matter of fact, I didn’t know dogs could be mentally challenged. It made me think that’s for sure. Flip through the pictures below and fall in love with this big ol retard dummy. (If you aren’t seeing the text w/ the pictures click the link Here Continue reading “Friday Dog Blog”