Some Very Smart People Are Speaking Out About The Dangers of Robots

(Via huffington post (kind of))  In the last year, artificial intelligence has come under unprecedented attack. Two Nobel prize-winning scientists, a space-age entrepreneur, an Internet Blogger, two founders of the personal computer industry — one of them the richest man in the world — have, with eerie regularity, stepped forward to warn about a time when humans will lose control of intelligent machines and be enslaved or exterminated by them. It’s hard to think of a historical parallel to this outpouring of scientific angst. Big technological change has always caused unease. But when have such prominent, technologically savvy people raised such an alarm?

What do Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Doc have in common? You could easily say all most of them are super geniuses and some of the richest people in the world but that’s not why they are important. They are all the fore fathers of warning humans about the threat of Robots with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Bill Gates. Steve Wozniak. Doc. Stephen Hawking. Elon Musk. Together this group has a impressive resume that includes; Nobel Prizes, Inventing the Modern Day Computer, Private Space Exploration, a 3.2 GPA in college, Apple and Microsoft,  1st place in the 5th Grade Cross Country Race, Billions of Dollars, and much much more. But again, its not the impressive resumes that makes these people important to today’s (and tomorrow’s) society.

It’s that these are the people who care about Humanity’s future. Every single person on that list has spoken up about the dangers of AI in robots. Some have warned that “Money will be the driving force in creating the AI of the future.” others fear, “safety and ethics will fall to the wayside” another said “Snitches get Stitches, Betty” Some of the most tech savvy, forward thinking minds of this generation all seem to agree that Robots are a threat to the survival of Mankind. Maybe its time to start listening people. I’ll leave you with another great quote from one of these impressive humans, “See a robot on its own in the wild/real world? Kill it and kill it quickly…Aim for the head” 

Even though we have all the important voices of our generation speaking out against robots, robotics is still a heavily funded industry and will be a threat as long as they are being built. So keep your head on a swivel out there!