Pod:30 Episode #6 – She Called it Wildfire


In this episode of Pod:30 the Blog:30 team discusses the season 6 finale of Game of Thrones. We have officially figured out how to get consistent sound quality so if you haven’t listened yet this a great time to get on the Pod:30 bandwagon. Hat tip to Michael Martin Murphy and the gang for the intro/outro song this week.

-Blog:30 Team


Pod:30 Episode #5 – A King is Crowned

2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers Airport Arrival

In by far our best sound quality episode to date we discuss Lebron bringing a title to Cleveland, the current state of the Lebron/Jordan debate (8:30), will Kevin Love be traded (14:10), Derrick Rose to the Knicks (16:45), and look ahead to the Game of Thrones season finale (23:30).

-Blog:30 Team

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Pod:30 Ep. #4 – A Girl Has Disappointed.

The Blog:30 Team discusses “No One”, the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Coach defends the Arya storyline against Doc and Mr. Jersey (8:30). Then we get into the Cavs big game 5 win at Golden State (21:40).

Producers Note: Sorry about the sound quality at some points on this one. We’re still working out the kinks but we’ll get there. Stay tuned.

-Blog:30 Team

Pod:30 – A Blog:30 Podcast


In an ever ongoing attempt to diversify our brand and keep the people entertained the Blog:30 Team has decided to dip its toes into the world of podcasts. The pod below takes place in the car as we drive home from a long day in Baltimore so bear with us. Expect to hear a more polished product down the road but for now this is what we got. Doc, Coach, and I talked about the Yankees/Orioles game, the NBA Finals, Harambe the gorilla, and Game of Thrones in this episode. So, you know, a little something for everyone. The takes were hot and the driving was dangerous, enjoy.

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