I’m a Little Upset I Wasn’t Invited to the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened In Humanity

We’ve all been to a concert. Going to a concert is like losing your virginity, once you do it you want to keep doing it…and you always remember your first. My first was Shania Twain, and unfortunately I’m talking about my first concert I went to and not who introduced me to the ways of love making.  Continue reading “I’m a Little Upset I Wasn’t Invited to the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened In Humanity”


Green Day Fan Comes Around

Not since the Dookie Days has being a Green Day fan looked so cool! Just absolutely legendary. As a guitarist myself, there have been many of jam sessions where I day dreamed about getting pulled on stage to play with some of my favorite. Even the thought of it has me roller skating in a buffalo heard. Then this guy comes up on stage, plays When I Come Around like he wrote the damn song, and stage dives into the crowd as Basket Case blares in the background. I’m pretty sure as a Green Day fan that’s about as good as it gets.

This brings up an always interesting debate. Continue reading “Green Day Fan Comes Around”

Start Your Week Off With the Lost Art of Music Videos


Not to sound like the old guy yelling out the clouds, but it’s a shame that music videos pretty much don’t exist anymore. Sure, youtube is always there full of all videos young and old, but it’s not the same. I was sick last Thursday, and as is tradition I watched Price is Right from 11-12, but I was robbed of one of the more magical stay home sick from school perks…no music videos on MTV from 12-5 until TRL or Room Raiders came on.

Which is a shame. Music videos are a rare, all encompassing art form. They can be crazy, magical, nonsensical, life changing…you name it, there’s a music video that describes that expresses that feeling. Here’s a rapidly thrown together Top 5 music videos that truly took the combination of music and video to heart.  Continue reading “Start Your Week Off With the Lost Art of Music Videos”

Drake With a Can Full a Gas and Handful of Matches


This is the stuff legends are made of people. Absolutely legendary. Every concert goer and music lover lives for these kind of moments. We’ve all been there. Tailgating or pre-gaming whatever concert your attending, and then the friend who has been drinking since noon pulls you aside for a conversation that you don’t really want to have but you will just to avoid doing it later sneaks in that one comment that you think is full of shit but can’t deny. Continue reading “Drake With a Can Full a Gas and Handful of Matches”

Kanye West’s Best Through The Years


I’m sitting here in the office getting excited about Kanye’s new album Cruel Winter. No idea when it’s coming out (assuming Winter but wouldn’t put it past Kanye to release it in the summer time for artistic purposes) but Champions shuffled through on my iPhone and now I’m daydreaming about being able to listen to it as I actively pass the hours at the office.

I decided to challenge myself and the readers. Pick the best song off of all his CDs. Just one. I’m going to put an extra restraint on myself and try and pick songs only featuring Kanye as well, unless of course, the chorus is a sample. Hop on this time traveling tour bus and let’s look at the best songs off of all of Kanye’s Albums. Continue reading “Kanye West’s Best Through The Years”