Porzingis swats/dunks on the “Crying Knicks Fan” kid

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Remember this little punk? Back on NBA Draft Night 2015 he got picked up by ESPN cameras and came to symbolize the reaction most Knicks fans had about Phil taking Porzingis with the 4th pick.

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Obviously all of us who initially doubted the prowess of Godzingis, including this kid, were very quickly proven wrong. Since then the kid has sort of become Kristaps’ unofficial biggest fan, even getting to meet the giant Latvian prior to a game last season. To this point Porzingis has played along with the kid and has always been very forgiving about the whole Draft Night situation. But recently Alabaster Ewing saw his opportunity to get even, and he did not waste it.

Dream of a lifetime playing against my idol @kporzee

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Retribution, thy name is Kristaps. I’m sure dunking on an 8 year old never felt so rewarding. Funny thing is that ‘Zingis can do the exact same shit to someone that’s 6’10”. God, I can’t wait for basketball season.

-Mr. Jersey