Friday Dog Blog

It’s back! If you don’t know about the Friday Dog Blog you might be a cat person. Be ready experience the wide range of human emotions going through this blog. Dogs rule!

First up is just one of many incredible stories about how service dogs drastically improve life for kids with autism. Is it dusty in here? Continue reading “Friday Dog Blog”


YouTube Rabbit Hole: Game of Zones

Welcome back to! We are currently staring down the barrel of probably worst week of the Summer.  This is the first full week of work back since the 4th, we are weeks away from the next holiday, there are literally no sports on except the MLB All-Star game. A truly all time low feeling for anyone working behind a desk right now on this hellish Monday.

Don’t worry though Blog30 is back just in time! The only highlights we have to look forward to is NBA Free Agency and Game of Thrones FINALLY making its return on Sunday. Well here is a little timewaste combining both of those things. Only 39 hours of work left this week!




Friday Dog Blog

Blog:30 has been slow, real slow. Some may even say it is a sinking ship…Well dammit if its sinking, I’m going to go down like that string quartet on the Titanic, doing what I love til the very end. Friday Dog Blog is back! Hope you enjoy!

Best video I’ve seen in a LONG time! Dog’s favorite toy is a stuffed Gumby, so his dad dresses up as Gumby and the Dog loses its mind! MUST WATCH.


MUST READ story of a Bachelor Party finding and rescuing 7 puppies and their mother. 

Today, Annie and all 7 of her puppies are doing wonderfully and have fantastic lives ahead of them – best of all, they all live in the same area, within a 5-mile radius of one another and will get together for playdates for the rest of their lives!


(via Dogingtion post )Tucker is a 9-year old black Lab mix and the world’s only canine marine biologist. Formerly a stray on the streets of Seattle, this special dog now spends his time sniffing out and tracking orca, also known as killer whales, off the coast of Washington.

Dogs and Orcas are my favorite animals, you need to read that article to see how amazing tucker is! If your not into reading here is a video of him playing with his toy.


RIP Vine. Here is a youtube video of a bunch of vines with/about dogs. (The opposite of a must watch but its important to honor the fallen) RIP Vine.





Friday Dog Blog

So I work in a small town in CT and the local Ice Cream Man is a well known commodity, Papa Joe. He drives this 1940’s ford truck with the freezers build onto the bed of the truck. No roof no doors and he drives 20 mph everywhere he goes. It sucks to get stuck behind him. But the thing about Papa Joe is that he always has his golden retriever Bailey with him. I’ve only ever seen Bailey just chillin the truck as they drive by but today I got to meet Bailey. Easily the best part of my day! She wanted to play fetch but also wanted a belly rub all while wagging her tail so hard that her whole body was wiggling…It was fantastic! Dogs just doing dogs things. Since none of you got to meet Bailey today I was feeling guilty and  found some great dog videos for the Friday Dog Blog! Have a great weekend everyone!

YouTube Rabbit Hole: Whose Line Is It Anyways

Got caught watching these videos at work today and my co-worker joined in for a few minutes. Whose Line is it Anyways? is something most people can appreciate. Fat Drew Carey, Ryan Stiles, Colin whats his name, Wayne Brady… this was great TV. Video one is fantastic and will suck you into this rabbit hole in no time. Great way to spend your last 45 minutes on this slow Thursday.



A Guys Response To Daily Mail’s “15 Things You Should Never Say in Bed”

(via Daily Mail) It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these at Blog:30…Shit it’s been awhile since we’ve blogged at Blog:30. So here is the slump buster, Blog:30 reviews a list made for chicks, by chicks.

The 15 things you should NEVER say in bed (including using the wrong name and telling them to hurry up)

Chicks man, can’t even write a title without adding an extra sentence that contradicts her previous sentence. 

1. “Yes, yes, yes, Alexander!” Nothing wrong with this if your partner’s name is Alexander but if it’s John, it’s not going to go down too well.

Oh look at that, the first one on the list is something she’s already said. Girls saying the same thing but in two different ways might be the root of all communication issues between men and women. It’s just so confusing

2. “My ex used to love this.”

Image result for captain obvious gif

3. “Not like that”Along with ‘What are you doing?’ any less than encouraging comments about technique (can) sabotage the best sex session.

I get that it’s possible to critique in a better way but maybe advice like this is why girls are always complaining about guys being at terrible sex…If you never tell us when we are doing something wrong (during the 90 seconds of sex) how are we going to get better?

4. “Is it in yet?”

You know how we can stop this? Making anal sex the new missionary. Boom problem solved. 

5. “Surprise!”

“Surprise! I have a penis!” That’s what she he said  Continue reading “A Guys Response To Daily Mail’s “15 Things You Should Never Say in Bed””