NFL Daily Fantasy Report for Week 5

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Ok, before we get into the week 5 breakdown, I want to give a quick recap of last week…in its entirety.

  1. Thursday Night Football has a track record of being atrocious….Last week was no different.  Miami sucks.
  1. Julio Jones. 300 yards. That’s all.
  1. Redskins recovered a fumble…turns out there was no ball at the bottom of the pile because Cleveland had it.  Refs said fuck it and gave the redskins the ball.  Refs reviewed it and said double fuck it by keeping it Redskins ball.  NFL reviewed it post game and said triple fuck it, refs did what they were supposed to.  BUT, as a Skins fan who happened to be in attendance…Hahahahaha, Cleveland sucks, HAIL!


4. Now, for most the most important news of the week.  Patrick Reed is a friggin man child and gave Rory Mcilroy a solid stone cold stunner! Reed led Team USA to a dominating Ryder Cup performance and easily the most entertaining golf event in history.  USA! USA! USA!

YTD Fantasy Recap:

Week 1 – Big Winner

Week 2 – Broke Even, that Saints/Giants game was god awful.

Week 3 – Winner, thank you Blount!

Week 4 – Winner, could have been massive if Brees showed up

Week 5 is going to be an interesting slate; a lot of big spreads, high point totals, and a ton of injuries to navigate.  Below are a few of the players I’m targeting this week and as always….Disclaimer: I am a former golf professional, degenerate gambler, and enjoy a nice anejo tequila.  By no means am I a tout, but I do enjoy a solid return on investment.

On to the goods,

QB Plays

ELI Manning – $6,000 – It absolutely PAINS me to even consider him here because; 1. He generally disappoints and 2. I’m a Redskins fan.  BUT, the Packers D has been beatable and I think he tosses the ball over 40 times.  Solid Value.

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Phillip Rivers – $6,900 – He has been surprisingly solid even dealing with so many team injuries.  Playing Oakland in a potential shootout and he ALWAYS slings it.  Also, he has solid history against Oakland.

Big Ben – $7,200 – Ummmm, I shouldn’t even have to say anything here.  If you want a sure thing 3 TD quarterback, he is your guy.  Solid cash game play.  Going to be SUPER high owned.

RB Plays

Jordan Howard – $5,200 – 1. He played over 90% of the snaps last week and 2.  The matchup is as good as it gets.  Chicago will have to move the ball to keep up so I am banking on a few goal line opportunities and I could see him catching 5 plus balls in this game.  Fair warning, he will be high owned.

Terrance West – $4,800 – This is my most intriguing play of the week.  I am a skins fan and typically their run D is better than it looks.  Where I think West can excel is in the pass game, plus the dude is averaging well over 5 YPC.  I think he will be a lower owned, high potential guy.  Get him in there.

David Johnson – $7,900 – It is a SHAME he is playing the Thursday slate because he has massive upside this week.  Not only is he a beast but with Palmer being dinged up, it opens the door for them to lean on him even more.  For the Thursday slate events, he will be one of the highest owned players all week.

S NOTE: This was written up on Wednesday, so it’s a shame you can’t use Johnson but our boy nailed this one. He knows his shit.

WR Plays

Brandon Marshall – $7,100 – With Decker hurt and likely playing from behind, he will get a TON of targets.  I see him catching 7+ balls and hoping he beats coverage one time for a 30+ yards TD.  IF so he is a lock to reach 4x value.

Denver Receivers – $$$$$ – Atlanta will sling it and Denver will likely answer.  I see both DT and Sanders having big games, even with Trufant.

Steve Smith – $5,300 – Huge value here as I think he gets a ton of targets over the middle against a mediocre Skins secondary.  He is averaging 9+ targets a game and this is setting up nicely for him.

TE Plays

Jordan Reed – $6,600 – He is Jordan Reed.  The end.   But seriously, he is a lock for 8+ targets and his conversion rate is really good.  Plus, in a potential shootout, he will be leaned on as usual.

Jacob Tamme – $3,000 – A lot of people are avoiding this game and with Julio seeing stacked coverage, it opens the door for potential opportunities up the middle.  Low Price, Low Owned guy who has TD potential.

Ertz – $3,500 – I am trying to avoid this game in general and I hate philly, but Ertz is a breakout candidate and DET is absolutely atrocious against TEs.  Coming off injury I expect him to be lower owned so I am getting him in.

Def Plays

It’s a defense, who really f’ing cares.  Build your team and see how much you have left to work with.  Side Note: Don’t pick SD or OAK….ever.

Good Luck Ballers, I’ll post my lineups for tracking at 1:00pm Sunday.


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