Red Sox Clinch AL East!

The Red Sox are your 2016 AL East Champs! After rattling off 11 straight the Red Sox have
dropped the last 2 games but still clinched the division. It’s a bit of a formality after that
Image result for jackie bradley junior ski jumpvery impressive 11 game win streak, yet the disappointment with this team has returned (more on that later). But no one cares tonight because we’ve been dancing all over the AL East for the past 2 weeks and we earned this celebration. The Jay’s lost to the Orioles in about the 7th inning of the Red Sox/Yankees game, clinching the AL East for the Red Sox.  Continue reading “Red Sox Clinch AL East!”


Odyssey Put Out a List of Virginia Schools Compared to Characters from the Office and Let’s Take a Little Looksie


The Office” is one of the most popular TV shows for the millennial generation. Whether you watched the nine seasons live, or binge watched the entire show on Netflix in two weeks, you probably call yourself a committed fan. You most likely have seen time taking buzzed quizzes to determine which character from the show you are, and you probably have taken it again because you didn’t like the results. We have fallen in love with the characters, jokes, scenes, pranks, and relationships in this amazing show.

Source: The Odysssey

What a fun little article here. Complete passes all my demographics of things I’d like to read on the Internet. List style….check. References to a TV show I obsess over….check. Has to do with local places that not a lot of people have been to but I have been traveling to and from for the last 9 years of my life…That’s a bingo! Continue reading “Odyssey Put Out a List of Virginia Schools Compared to Characters from the Office and Let’s Take a Little Looksie”

Halloween is a Month Away. Here Are What I Think Will be the Most Overused Costumes of 2016


As a dad-bod single guy, there’s not a holiday I love more than Halloween. I believe it was 30 Rock who dubbed it “Scumbag Christmas.” It’s a time where I can hide my frumpy body in over sized costumes and potentially go home out kicking my coverage. Continue reading “Halloween is a Month Away. Here Are What I Think Will be the Most Overused Costumes of 2016”


I’m not happy it’s Monday, you’re not happy it’s Monday…but I’ll be damned if approximately 57 minutes into the work week I didn’t laugh my ass off watching this video. 13 seconds of pure bliss. I’m a big fan of two things in this world, basketball, and amazing sound bites. That “HYAH” this chick gave as she chucked that sandwich with all the confidence of Jordan at the free throw line is up there. So perfect. I also love how she held her shot like Paul Pierce on any game winner any given night. Keep the arm up, crazy sandwich chucking karate master…keep the arm up.


Red Sox Continue to Put Bodies in The A.L. East Graveyard


I’ve been a believer of this 2016 Red Sox team since the beginning but as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, this season has been full of disappointments here and there. Without the disappointments, this Team could easily be in the same stratosphere of the Cubs. Well they are proving it when it matters most, September. The Red Sox haven’t lost a game since I last blogged about them, rattling off 8 straight wins, two 4-game sweeps of AL East foes, killing them dead. Here Lies the 2016 Yankees and the 2016 Orioles may they Rest in Peace. Continue reading “Red Sox Continue to Put Bodies in The A.L. East Graveyard”