Just a little Reddit gem to kick off your afternoon.

This made me laugh. Is it crude and simplistic? It sure is. It it funny as hell? You bet your ass.

-Mr. Jersey


Bachelor in Paradise Power Rankings Week 5

Blog30tvWith things winding down in paradise, the drama and potential for heartbreak is building! Things are coming to a head for many couples and tears are sure to happen. (Ps, The Paradise Tear Tracker has been retired, you can thank Ashley I for that). 2 weeks left and the game of relationship chicken is really starting to become high stakes. Looking at you Carly, You don’t really want to be with Evan do you? Everyone knows if you get engaged on the Bachelor its forever so just be careful…

Night 1:

The Lace show comes out and she flirts with Carl right in front of Grant, who just said he loves her…Grant says one off hand comment and goes to take a shower. When he gets out Lace has hyped herself up and starts performing mental terrorism on Grant. Grant is confused, rightfully so, tried to hold his ground but doesn’t stand a chance against Lace. He apologizes. Hey Grant why did you apologize? Continue reading “Bachelor in Paradise Power Rankings Week 5”

College Football is Back! Have Some Non-Expert Picks

College Football

We did it guys and gals! We made it! Another long, boring, sports drought summer has come and gone. We’re leaving the summer solstice behind in exchange for Autumn, formally known as Fall. I’m talking tshirt and jeans weather, I’m talking early morning tailgating, I’m talking COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Co-eds, overrating the SEC, Jim Harbough, overrating the SEC, Oregon Uniforms, overrating the SEC, Heisman hopefuls, and of course, overrating the SEC.

The season kicks off on Thursday. It’s early aka you can make outlandish, non-informed predictions and nobody can really argue otherwise. Trust me, Virginia Tech does it every year. God speed Bud Foster! Let’s take a look at the marquee opening day massacres and try and pull out the best games to watch and get ready for ESPN’s College Gameday Bus to roll into your campuses soon.  Continue reading “College Football is Back! Have Some Non-Expert Picks”

Top Stories in the NBA 56 Days Out of the 2016-2017 Season


We’re 56 days away from the Return of the King and the rest of the NBA townspeople. As the first tip off draws closer, the pot is starting to stir. The (most boring) Olympics basketball games are over with another US Gold. Here’s some fun/interesting headlines and how I think it may impact the 2016-2017 season.  Continue reading “Top Stories in the NBA 56 Days Out of the 2016-2017 Season”

Gods Gets Sick of Santa’s Antics, Kills 300 Reindeer


Dead Deer

AFP Photo/Haavard Kjontvedt

STOCKHOLM — More than 300 wild reindeer have been killed by lighting in central Norway.

The Norwegian Environment Agency has released eerie images showing a jumble of reindeer carcasses scattered across a small area on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau. The agency says 323 animals were killed, including 70 calves, in the lightning storm Friday.

Agency spokesman Kjartan Knutsen told The Associated Press it’s not uncommon for reindeer or other wildlife to be killed by lightning strikes but this was an unusually deadly event.

“We have not heard about such numbers before,” he said Monday.

He said reindeer tend to stay very close to each other in bad weather, which could explain how so many were killed at once. Continue reading “Gods Gets Sick of Santa’s Antics, Kills 300 Reindeer”