Trump took an absolute beating last night at the DNC

Has anyone checked on the Donald this morning? Is he alive? Is he a vegetable (obviously he’d be a carrot)? After the beating he took, it’s definitely in question. The guy who is used to doling out the verbal abuse got a taste of his own medicine from the DNC last night. It started with none other than all-time NBA leading scorer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, doing what he does best. That being dunking, and oh dunk he did. If you told me Trump is in a crinkled mass at the center of the Earth right now after what Kareem did to him, I’d be inclined to believe you. Show me the tape!

Boom shaka-laka! That’s 7 feet 2 inches of thunder raining down on your head Donald! Kareem crushed the delivery too. At first everyone was like, “Wait, what?”, and then he hit them with the punchline and I imagine the inside of the Wells Fargo Center looked a lot like this:

As if that wasn’t bad enough Hilary, that wily old bird, had something waiting for Trump as well.

MY GOD SHE’S BROKEN HIM IN HALF! TRUMP HAS BEEN HALVED! STOP THE GODDAMN FIGHT! I’d never thought I’d say that a 68 year old grandmother went at someone’s throat but that’s exactly what Hildog did here. “Make America Great Again”, is the core tenant of Trump’s entire campaign. It’s the slogan that get’s all the goons riled up and legitimizes his Zionistic world views. Pointing out that Trump in fact skips right over American workers just as much as the CEO’s or Presidents of most other huge companies is a wound that even his most psychotic ardent supporters will have a hard time rationalizing. With the dust now settling on both parties conventions we should start to see the polling numbers stabilizing and the home stretch of the campaign will begin. Trump probably isn’t going to win but if he has any hope his first step has to be pulling himself off the mat after taking last nights beating.

Donald checking his Twitter this morning:

-Mr. Jersey


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