I have a bone to pick with my local McDonalds

I don’t blog about personal experiences very often but this situation has been driving me crazy for a while now. The McDonalds in the town where I work has been having employees stand outside in the drive-thru line and take your order face to face as you sit in your car, and I fucking hate it with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.

Now there are a couple important things to note about this bullshit. Firstly, they are not doing this because the computers are down and they just need to get by for the day or something. I once asked them the reason and apparently they are trying to and I quote, “create a more personal experience with the customer,”. I shit you not, the restaurant that 65% of the time can’t get your order right is worried that having to talk to a speaker box is going to lessen the customer experience. It’s insane.

Secondly, they have been doing this since like NOVEMBER. In the dead of winter they had these poor minimum wage bastards standing out in the cold with fucking snot running down their faces trying to hear people’s orders over the rumble of car engines and frostbite inducing winds. Now it’s goddamn July, we are in the middle of a fucking heat wave, it’s been 95 degrees for two straight weeks, and they still have these employees standing outside taking orders. It’s complete madness and I cannot take it anymore.

Thirdly, (and I didn’t do it justice with this picture) they have multiple people out there walking up and down the line of cars. They get to you like the second you pull up before you’re even in range to see the menu. Like yeah I get pretty much the same thing every time but I still like to give the big board a once over before I make my choice. With this dumbass method of theirs I don’t even have my music turned down yet and there’s someone knocking on my car window asking what I want.

Hey McDonalds, do you know why people go to the drive thru?? It’s so they don’t have to interact with people! You’re completely and utterly missing the point here. If you want to improve the customer experience so badly then start with this; when I say I don’t want mustard on my burger DON’T PUT ANY MUSTARD ON THE BURGER. That would be a huge step in the right direction. I’m even fine with my order being wrong the next 100 straight times I go to a Mcdonalds, just please for the love of God stop this insanity. End of rant.

-Mr. Jersey


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