Yankees Trade Andrew Miller to the Indians

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Warren Sapp Attacked by a Shark

Warren Sapp, Perhaps the most popular of Defensive linemen in NFL history was bitten by a shark yesterday. Luckily Warren is at or above his playing weight and can stand to lose some lbs one way or another. I guess if I were that fat, a shark bite might be the way to go. You lose a large chunk of fat, get a gnarly scar (everyone knows, chicks digs scars), and you feed an endangered species. He posted this picture right after it happen…

Doesn’t seem to be any hard evidence that he was bitten. I don’t want to call conspiracy theory quite yet but if we dive a little deeper into Warren Sapp we might find a reason he would make up this story… Continue reading “Warren Sapp Attacked by a Shark”

Today’s Internet Rabbit Hole: Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

We made it over the hump again and are now a mere 15 or so work hours away from Friday and it’s the last week of July. Let’s be honest, no one is doing a damn thing at work, unless you are an idiot and decided to volunteer to do a community reach out program for the last 3 hours of every Thursday and Friday for the rest of the summer like me. It was nice to get out of the office for the first 30 minutes then I realized I made a huge mistake. So While I’m out there sweating through my business casual attire you should be at your desk watching this week’s Youtube Internet Rabbit hole: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

If you are a fan of Jerry or comedy in general and like to see some “behind the scenes” stuff this is a must watch. It’s very interesting to see what some of our favorite comedians are like in their personal lives and how they got started. Although it’s not on Youtube you can still watch nearly ever episode of the web-series that is now in its 7th season. Here is a quick youtube video with some highlights but if you want to dive right in, head to Crackle.com.