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Episode 10: The Winds of Winter


Maester Jersey Explains: The Grand Finale

This might just be recency bias but for my money Game of Thrones just gave us the greatest season finale of any season, of any show, ever. The Winds of Winter gave us no less than five or six events that if only one of them had happened in a given episode we would have said that it was a great episode. Everything in this episode bordered on perfect. From the storylines, to the directing, to the music Thrones put it’s full power on display last night. It was a dizzying string of shock and revelation at the end of which the landscape of the show was totally (and in some instances literally) changed. Sixty-eight minutes of television has never gone by so fast and we all would have signed up for 168 minutes faster than you can say, “THEKINGINDANORF!”. With so much happening all at once it’s understandable that something huge might have slipped by you while you were still reacting to the last huge thing that happened. If you fall in to that category, fear not. Here are all the major happenings (and the ramifications of those happenings) that went down in The Winds of Winter.

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Pod:30 Episode #5 – A King is Crowned

2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers Airport Arrival

In by far our best sound quality episode to date we discuss Lebron bringing a title to Cleveland, the current state of the Lebron/Jordan debate (8:30), will Kevin Love be traded (14:10), Derrick Rose to the Knicks (16:45), and look ahead to the Game of Thrones season finale (23:30).

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My Completely Uninformed Take on #Brexit

I’m not going to sit here and try and explain the ramifications of Great Britain leaving the European Union. It’s above my head. I’m just an Greek American citizen who’s a little pissed off that I finally learned the name of the Prime Minister as of like 2 months ago, and now he has resigned. Now all my David Cameron knowledge will only be useful when I’m watching Jeopardy.

Hell, even people in the UK don’t really know what they just voted on…so I think I can let it slide. I do have some worries about the results though, and have a proposed solution as well.

First and foremost, please feel free to educate yourself on the issue.

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Melo and KD Spotted Working Out Together in NYC (according to a random guy on Reddit)

Choo-chooooooo! That sound you hear is the KD to NYC hype training roaring down the tracks. Knicks fans and the city of NYC as a whole getting extremely over hyped and trying to read tea leaves to convince ourselves that we are getting this year’s #1 free agent, a tradition unlike any other. But you know what? I’m still climbing on board baby! #NYKD all day, every day, off camera, every way. The first step was Phil’s successful and savvy Derrick Rose trade. He didn’t mortgage the future and managed to turn a couple blah assets into a DRose lottery ticket. Then after the trade Rose went so far as to say Phil told him that they were going to be aggressively pursuing Durant. Next came Lil’ B announcing that he will remove the curse he once placed on Kevin Durant if KD signs with the Knicks.

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Red Sox June Update: (Updated)

beach plane airplane crashes

Remember that last Red Sox blog I wrote? Yeah that was a lot more fun to write than this one. June has not been kind to the team from Boston. 7-12 this month but it seems much worse from a fans perspective. The team cannot get it’s shit together. If the Offense is clicking the starters are terrible. If the starters are doing well (which they have 10 of the last 14 starts have been quality starts) than the Offense tanks. Last night it looked like both the starters and the offense were on the same page and the Bull pen took over and blew a two run lead in the 8th and the Sox lost by 2. Unbelievably frustrating for fans watching every night. It reminds me of last year when it took about 4 months of the season for the Sox to put together a complete all around game. It’s never a good thing to have that feeling that this years first second place team is reminding you of last years last place under .500 team.

The silver lining I guess is that the AL east also sucks right now. The Sox were up 3 games heading into June and are currently only 2 back. If they can get past this last week of the month and turn into the offensive juggernaut they are capable of being then we are in the clear. But the scary thing about baseball is that it is such a mental game that a month long slump as a team can have some lasting damage on a team going forward. Let’s see how they are doing today…


Sox walk it off in 10!

climbing gif.gif



David Duchovny’s Coolness Is Unprecedented

What’s better than dogs? Answer: David Duchovny. The two powerhouses have combined forces to try and resolve a painful issue that arguably every American could get behind; the euthanization of pound puppies. Mr. Duchovny alongside Target Zero are looking to raise awareness, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge style, by having your dog lick peanut butter off of your face, and donating a dollar for every lick to Target Zero, and then challenging your friends to do the same. What’s not to love? I could watch dog youtube videos all day. Hell, my favorite posts on Blog:30 9 times out of 10 are Doc’s Friday Dog Blogs.  Continue reading “David Duchovny’s Coolness Is Unprecedented”

Discussing last nights episode of The Challenge

MTV The Challenge 28

Skipping the power rankings this week since pretty much only one thing of substance happened. Obviously that thing was the Tony/Camila fight that led to them being kicked out of the house. We started with a club scene where Tony spent a lot of time challenging people to chug beer and telling people how much he hates Camila. Once everyone got back to the house Vince accidentally knocked Camila down and that led to her flipping the Camilinator switch, which means yelling like a lunatic at anyone who tries to talk to her. Tony at this point was sleeping (because he was blacked out from winning all those chugging contests) and thus not involved in the situation at all. But Bananas being the master shit stirrer that he is decided it was a good idea to wake Tony up and tell him to put his partner, Camila, to bed. You’re kidding yourself if you say Bananas didn’t know what he was doing there. That move led to the confrontation between Tony and Camila which was mostly just a shouting match. It was pretty intense though and ended after Tony cornered Camila (never touched her) and was eventually carried away by some of the other guys. Camila threw a mug at him for good measure.

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