WWWWWWWWWWWWindians Keep On Winning


It’s 1964. You’re a construction worker in the Cleve, minding your own business, putting in the grind to provide for your wife and two kids, and the Cleveland Browns just won the NFL Championship. You’re riding high, up late at night, probably #PartyingAtNapolis, and you have to get up and go to work the next day. Those steel high rises don’t care you’re still hungover from one too many championship Carling brews, the greatest city in the world needs it’s towers. The Carling Brews still in your stomach start churning as a storm comes in off the lake…as you quickly make your way across the scaffolding to get down to the Dog Pound ground, you slip, fall and go into a coma.

52 years later you wake up and everything is the same. The people are just as happy, the Cavs won a championship, and now, the Cleveland Indians are unbeatable.

Over the past 12 games dating back to Game 6 of the NBA finals, the Indians have outscored opponents 76-25. They are scoring 3 times as many runs as the teams they are facing, which by the way, is the exact same schedule that the Cavs had in the Eastern Conference to get to the finals. It started with a sweep of the White Sox, then the Lions, the Braves, and next on their kill list is the Toronto Blue Jays.

They have been able to do this with dominant pitching on the mound. The entire pitching staff, including Danny Salazar Slytherin, has a combined 3.45 ERA. Danny himself is leading the way with a 2.22 ERA and 10 wins on the season, the first pitcher in double digits in the win column for the tribe. Corey Kluber is leading the way with 110 strikeouts on the season, and right handed closer Cody Allen has accumulated 16 saves.

While the pitching has been great, the offense isn’t anything to shake a stick at. The rallying cry at the tribe since the Game 6 NBA Finals victory has been #PartyAtNapolis, and for good reason. 1, he’s the 3rd highest paid member of the Tribe behind Carlos Santana and Michael Brantley, but more importantly, he’s the face of the franchise and the hottest bat on the season, bringing in 52 RBIs so far and 16 dingers. Him batting clean up right after Francisco Lindor, who has a .308 batting average with 91 hits on the season and a .367 on base percentage has helped light even more fireworks in the Cleveland sky.

The longest winning streak in Indians history is 13 games, which the 47-30 Tribe will have the chance to tie tonight against the Toronto Blue Jays. As a team, in the last 12 games, they have managed an offensive output of 76 runs, .311 batting average, and 22 homers, while the pitching staff’s starters has an unheard of 1.91 ERA.

I propose we change the hashtag of the Cavaliers from #ALLin216 to #ALLwin216, because that’s what Cleveland has decided they’re about this year.





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