Pod:30 Episode #6 – She Called it Wildfire


In this episode of Pod:30 the Blog:30 team discusses the season 6 finale of Game of Thrones. We have officially figured out how to get consistent sound quality so if you haven’t listened yet this a great time to get on the Pod:30 bandwagon. Hat tip to Michael Martin Murphy and the gang for the intro/outro song this week.

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The Challenge Rivals 3 Power Rankings: Week 9

week 9.png

We jumped right into the second half of last week’s challenge where the teams had to remember bits of all the random shit they stopped up all night watching. Unsurprisingly some teams didn’t fare too well here. TJ offering up clues to the teams that were doing shitty only to hit them with the, “psyche,” was pretty ruthless but also hilarious. It’s getting close to money making time and the power teams are starting to separate from the pack. But there’s one team that’s more powerful than them all. They’re two halves of the same brain, they’ve won back to back challenges, and they are STILL your #1 teams in the rankings.

1.Bananas and Sarah (#1 last week)MTV The Challenge 28
What can I say, kings stay kings. They nailed the correct order in one try (or at least that’s how MTV edited it). For winning they each got $1000 cash money and they got to go on a little Mexican day cruise. They also got to take two teams with them on the boat. Obviously Vinny Pineapples (he’s Banana’s cousin) and Jenna (dat butt) got the call and then they picked Corey and Ashley as the second team. Bananas, ever the sneak, only picked Corey to butter him up and win his trust. In reality Johnny is planning to backstab Corey the second he get’s the chance. Johnny is still upset about Corey’s role in getting him and Vince eliminated last season. Johnny has more grudges than an old Jewish woman. At the nominations they threw Devin and Cheyenne and Jamie and Kellyanne into the Jungle.

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Just Another Day in Rio: Body Washes Up Where Beach Volleyball Will Be Played


Via The Guardian: Parts of a mutilated body have washed up on the sands of Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro just meters from where beach volleyball athletes will compete in the upcoming Olympics. The discovery is the latest to unnerve the city as it grapples with rising crime, a recession and exhausted state finances at a time when it hoped to be celebrating the first Olympics ever held in South America. It was unclear Wednesday afternoon what conditions may have led to the mutilated body but a policeman standing guard by a security perimeter confirmed its existence to Reuters.

“At the copa, Copacabana! The hottest spot north of Havana. At the copa, Copacabana! Music and passion were always the fashion. At the copa they fell in love!” When it rains it pours, am I right Rio? If it’s not police officers and fireman holding up “Welcome to Hell” signs at the airport, or ZIKA ridden mosquitoes turning everyone into mutants, then it’s mutilated bodies washing up on beaches where Olympic Volleyball matches are going to be played in a couple weeks. You expect the GOAT’s Misty May* and Kerri Walsh to bump, set, spike the competition into oblivion when there are rotting corpses bumping into their ankles? I think not. Serious question here, could the Rio Olympics actually be going any worse? I mean people were up in arms about Sochi in 2014 because all the toilets weren’t installed yet and there were a couple stray dogs. Rio is making Sochi look like the fucking Garden of Eden right now. What would it actually take for the IOC to move the Olympics somewhere else? Would Rio have to be struck by a meteor? I think maybe that would get the job done, possibly? Clearly anything less than that isn’t going to do the trick.

*Yeah I’m aware Misty retired and Kerri has some new partner now but I refuse to learn the name of another volleyball player.

-Mr. Jersey

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WWWWWWWWWWWWindians Keep On Winning


It’s 1964. You’re a construction worker in the Cleve, minding your own business, putting in the grind to provide for your wife and two kids, and the Cleveland Browns just won the NFL Championship. You’re riding high, up late at night, probably #PartyingAtNapolis, and you have to get up and go to work the next day. Those steel high rises don’t care you’re still hungover from one too many championship Carling brews, the greatest city in the world needs it’s towers. The Carling Brews still in your stomach start churning as a storm comes in off the lake…as you quickly make your way across the scaffolding to get down to the Dog Pound ground, you slip, fall and go into a coma.

52 years later you wake up and everything is the same. The people are just as happy, the Cavs won a championship, and now, the Cleveland Indians are unbeatable.

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Dwyane Wade is a Savvy Vet On and Off the Court


Dwyane Wade’s initial contract discussions with the Miami Heat have not produced a common ground between the parties, and he is preparing to field outside offers when free agency opens Friday, according to league sources.

Sources told ESPN.com that Wade’s representatives have made it known to multiple teams over the last several days that he will be on the market. Some teams have been skeptical, wondering if Wade would seriously consider leaving the franchise where he has played 13 seasons and won three titles.


Well well well, what do we have here? Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat are at a stand still in negotiations, and Dwyane Wade is pulling the suitcase out of the closet move.

Lebron’s secret motivation in the playoffs for the past two years is that certain higher ups in the offices of Miami said he could never win a championship in Cleveland. With one historic series comeback, he has silence the Pat Riley haters. With that already being a critical blow to the Heat organization, now their golden pony is looking to retire in greener pastures, or at least threatening too.

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Some Very Smart People Are Speaking Out About The Dangers of Robots

(Via huffington post (kind of))  In the last year, artificial intelligence has come under unprecedented attack. Two Nobel prize-winning scientists, a space-age entrepreneur, an Internet Blogger, two founders of the personal computer industry — one of them the richest man in the world — have, with eerie regularity, stepped forward to warn about a time when humans will lose control of intelligent machines and be enslaved or exterminated by them. It’s hard to think of a historical parallel to this outpouring of scientific angst. Big technological change has always caused unease. But when have such prominent, technologically savvy people raised such an alarm?

What do Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Doc have in common? You could easily say all most of them are super geniuses and some of the richest people in the world but that’s not why they are important. They are all the fore fathers of warning humans about the threat of Robots with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Bill Gates. Steve Wozniak. Doc. Stephen Hawking. Elon Musk. Together this group has a impressive resume that includes; Nobel Prizes, Inventing the Modern Day Computer, Private Space Exploration, a 3.2 GPA in college, Apple and Microsoft,  1st place in the 5th Grade Cross Country Race, Billions of Dollars, and much much more. But again, its not the impressive resumes that makes these people important to today’s (and tomorrow’s) society.

It’s that these are the people who care about Humanity’s future. Every single person on that list has spoken up about the dangers of AI in robots. Some have warned that “Money will be the driving force in creating the AI of the future.” others fear, “safety and ethics will fall to the wayside” another said “Snitches get Stitches, Betty” Some of the most tech savvy, forward thinking minds of this generation all seem to agree that Robots are a threat to the survival of Mankind. Maybe its time to start listening people. I’ll leave you with another great quote from one of these impressive humans, “See a robot on its own in the wild/real world? Kill it and kill it quickly…Aim for the head” 

Even though we have all the important voices of our generation speaking out against robots, robotics is still a heavily funded industry and will be a threat as long as they are being built. So keep your head on a swivel out there!







Doc Saves The World: Robot To Be Destroyed Following Escapes

dead bot.png

(Via Brietbert) The Promobot IR77 is programmed to understand and learn from its  experiences and surroundings and has now twice escaped from the facility it is housed in. The robot is programmed to avoid obstacles and analyse its surrounding area, which has lead to the bot searching for escape routes from the facility. Its first escape attempt began when it simply exited the facility through an open gate that had not been shut properly, causing chaos in the streets as cars swerved to avoid it. Researchers question what it is about this particular robot that so desperately wants to escape.

Finally someone in the robotics world takes the side of humans! I’m not saying I had anything to do with the people asleep at the wheel at the robot factory, finally waking up to the dangers of Robots. But I’m not not saying that either. The facts are very clear, Promobot IR77 escaped, twice, I wrote a blog about the dangers of robots, Robot nerds want to kill Promobot IR77. If a robotcomputer were reading the facts and had to decide who was responsible for saving the world from learning robots, I’m fairly certain they would give me at least 75% of the credit. I was the one out there telling the world about the dangers of Robots while those nerds in Russia were out on the streets looking for their escaped robot for the 2nd time in a week.  I got the public opinion to turn from the popular “robots will make our lives easier” take, to a much more human friendly opinion in a little over a week. And if being a twenty something in 2016 has taught me anything, it’s that public opinion matters more now than ever before. So rest easy Blog:30 readers, Doc is here to watch over the human race when it comes to robots. Please don’t call me a hero though.