The Roundtable: A Game of Thrones Recap Blog


Episode 6: Blood of My Blood

Maester Jersey Explains: Meet Me in the Riverlands

“Blood of My Blood” was sort of slow based on season 6’s standards but it did still bring us the return of several characters we haven’t seen in awhile. The first was Bran’s long lost uncle, Cool Hand Ben Benjen Stark, who disappeared while ranging beyond the Wall almost 5 seasons ago. Good to see he’s still alive, well not so much alive, but at least sentient so that’s something. But I’ll let Doc dive deeper into that. Benjen’s return was certainly more dramatic but there were some other characters whose reappearances, to me, are far more interesting at the moment. Continue reading “The Roundtable: A Game of Thrones Recap Blog”




What a game. What a series. What a tremendous amazing awesome time to be alive to be a Cavs fan! Back to back Eastern Conference Champs. Lebron going to his 6th straight finals. Kyrie and Kevin 100% healthy with 6 days of rest before we tip off for Larry O’Brien.

The Blog:30 team is excited. The 216 (both zip code and year) is excited. COACH IS LOSING HIS GOD DAMN MIND!!! Third time is the charm. The Summer of Coach: Tokyo Drift is fully engaged.

Kevin Love is healthy
Kyrie Irving is healthy
Lebron is back to domination mode.
Channing Frye can’t miss.
JR Smith is swishing errything
Richard Jefferson is playing like a 24 year old again.
Delli is ALL IN
Thompson is on the brink of beast mode.
Mo Williams is back on the squad.
Ty Lue is crushing it.
Dan Gilbert is an 8 ball deep.
Shumpert might win a grammy for his epic rap game.

CLEVELAND STAND UP! It’s our time. It’s our year. It’s our championship.





-The Happiest of Coach




Friday Dog Blog

Happy Friday everyone! 95% of the workforce is #done at this point, just thinking about Memorial Day Weekend, yet here I am working my ass off to get this dog blog post. You’re welcome.

Since I’ve been out of the blog game for so long I figured I’d hook you guy up and start the dog blog off with a 2 for 1 deal. We got a dog story and a Conspiracy theory.  This husky jumped from a roof of a residential building in China but was luckily saved from serious injury when we was caught in some wires. But no one reporting this story asked the all important question, why did this husky jump? I mean this is China, a place known for…

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Top 5 TV Shows that Started Out Strong and Fizzled Away


In light of True Detective Season 3 being on a permanent hiatus, I thought about other TV shows that were popular for a long time, but maaaaay have just ran a couple seasons too long. At first they were new, exciting, thought provoking, and popular. These 5 shows eventually fizzled away into obvious ploys to squeeze every last dollar out of their fan base, and ended up hurting the overall product.  Continue reading “Top 5 TV Shows that Started Out Strong and Fizzled Away”

GIFs of the Week

What better way to start sliding into Memorial Day Weekend then with a rundown of the week that was via GIF? In case you were in a coma this week here’s what you missed:


Hodor held that goddamn door. RIP big guy. . . .Hodor.

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Fuck This 6 Month Old Baby Water Skiing

I’m back bitches and fuck this baby.

I took a week long vacation from blogging and I still haven’t learned how to water ski. 26 and 6 months old and I’ve never even tried to water ski. There’s really nothing worse than feeling like you missed your chance in your youth. Everything is much harder to learn when you get older, thats why I no hablo espanol and can’t ride a rip stick, those are a young people’s game, learning and athletic ability. I’m pretty much done learning and am forced to watch the unstoppable train that is a dad bod run over what remains of my younger more athletic self. I took a quick step playing with my dog the other day and I’m pretty sure I slipped a disk in my back. I turn my head a little fast and I’m walking around with a neck brace. I throw a ball for my dog a handful of times and I’m icing my shoulder like Johan Santana. Life is sad and there’s really nothing like a young person doing something you can’t to remind you of that. So like I said Fuck This Baby!