Can We Talk About Jacob Tremblay For A Minute?

Seriously. Move over Macaulay Culkin. This kid is unbelievable. He’s 9 years old and already more loved than any other child star in the history of child stars. The craziest part about it is, I have no doubt that this kid won’t be rattled (a thank you) by the fame either. Like, Drew Barrymore didn’t have a chance with her crazy ass parents, neither did Lindsey Lohan. And let’s face it, Macaulay is just a weird name/bad omen as is. Not Jacob. He’s poised, he’s professional, and he’s adorable. He’s also a huge star wars fan and I think besides seeing who I imagine is his best friend Brie Larson win the Academy Award for best actress in Room, he had himself an amazing night. Live look at the cutest thing ever. Continue reading “Can We Talk About Jacob Tremblay For A Minute?”


Weekends Winners and Losers: Feb. 26th-28th

Mr. Jersey

Winner: Steph Curry

I think this one kind of goes without saying but nevertheless. That Warriors/Thunder game on Saturday was one of the best NBA games I’ve seen in my life and we have Steph Curry to thank for that. It’s all been said before but Curry is the single most entertaining player there has ever been. Add in the fact that he tied the record for most 3’s in a game, broke his own NBA record for 3’s in a season, single handedly won me a bet (Warriors ML, holla), and Steph was definitely the biggest winner in my book this weekend. Sorry Leo. Now give it to me again, Breen! Continue reading “Weekends Winners and Losers: Feb. 26th-28th”

This Week, On The Left

hilary.pngHookers 4 Hilary 

A group of Nevada sex workers calling themselves Hookers 4 Hillary is trying to arouse interest for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

Some Hookers 4 Hillary not much else to talk about. Probably the closest the Democratic side of this election will get to the GOP circus, Mr Jersey gets to cover. You want a top 5? Alright, fine here you go. Continue reading “This Week, On The Left”

Friday Night Plights: Red Box

Alright so you’ve conceded that you will be wearing sweatpants the rest of the night and the take out has been ordered. It happens. This isn’t college anymore, you can’t go out drinking every night of the weekend anymore. Hell, you’re lucky if you muster up enough energy to go out once a weekend. So you’ve decided to embrace the comfy clothes life style and order from your favorite Chinese place there’s no shame in that. You are a short trip to The Panda House away from melting Into the couch. A simple night with little to no decision making required. Your brain might as well be in a jar because there’s no way your actually using it tonight. Then it happens, a seemingly harmless question: “Do you want to get a RedBox?”

Continue reading “Friday Night Plights: Red Box”

Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump

Via NY Times: Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey endorsed Donald J. Trump on Friday, a major turn in a wild race and one that gives the New York businessman a significant boost as he heads into the pivotal “Super Tuesday” contests. At Friday’s news conference announcing the endorsement, which was peppered with demeaning insults of Mr. Rubio by the two men, Mr. Christie repeatedly attacked Mr. Rubio, calling his behavior at the debate “desperate” and reflective of a “losing campaign.” Mr. Trump welcomed the endorsement with warm praise for the New Jersey governor. “He’s been my friend for many years, he’s been a spectacular governor,” said Mr. Trump, standing with Mr. Christie at the news conference, which preceded a Trump rally in Fort Worth that drew at least 8,000 people. Mr. Trump then turned on Mr. Rubio, saying that at their debate Thursday, he saw Mr. Rubio backstage with “a pile of makeup,” he said. “I said Marco, easy with the makeup, you don’t need that much.”

Good god that’s Chris Christie’s music! Would you look at this gruesome twosome! The bad boys of the Republican Party are here and their names are Donald and Chris! Even today I still didn’t think Trump was actually going to find a way to win this nomination. But now, it will be a shock if he doesn’t win. Not only does he have his brash and unapologetic demeanor to win over the ocean of simpletons in this country. Now he also has a legitimate political figure in his corner to help him start to sway the people who actually know what’s going on. Continue reading “Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump”