My Faith in the Cavs has been Restored


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Not gonna lie, morale at team Coach was at an all time low. My childhood dog died, Johnny Bananas was eliminated from the challenge, and the Cavs have been a circus for the last week. Well NOT SO FAST MY FRIENDS. The Cavs miraculously beat the Spurs (sans Tim Duncan) in a make or break game for the season in my own humble opinion. It was a must win, and they managed to do so with some timely offense from Kevin Love, and great team defense.

Lebron had 29 hard Continue reading “My Faith in the Cavs has been Restored”


An Open Letter to Johnny Manziel

Johnny Johnny Johnny… where to start? I loved you in College, hell everyone did! Your gun-slinger mentality was the stuff of legends. Some Real Wild Wild West shit. The plays you made on Saturdays were unbelievable but then the stories about your off the field partying kept rolling in and Johnny Fucking Football was born! The whole nation ESPN became obsessed and you became an overnight celebrity. You ate it up though, probably made tons of money off of it (Don’t worry I won’t tell) and Continue reading “An Open Letter to Johnny Manziel”

Barbie gets a makeover.


The best-selling doll ever now has three new bodies: tall, petite and curvy versions will now be sold alongside the original model. Faced with changes in beauty ideals, shifting demographics and ongoing criticism of Barbie’s impossible proportions, Mattel decided to remake the iconic blonde. The new body shapes follow the addition of new skin tones and hair textures in 2015.

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Well they did it, Mattel finally joined the rest of the politically correct America and has given Barbie a makeover. This gives me some mixed emotions, like when my mom went on diet. You know it’s for the best, but you miss the cakes and banana bread. Change can be scary guys.
Alright, look I’m a rational lady, who often gets very annoyed with the photoshop, waist training, Instagram filter world we live in. And Continue reading “Barbie gets a makeover.”

Top 10 90’s Jerseys From The NBA


If you’re anything like me, (and you probably are because I’m very basic) you always appreciate any moment where you see a solid throwback jersey out in the wild. Well today I saw a Mike Bibby jersey from the back and for the first time in years I was stumped, lost, a feeling of uselessness fell over me. I couldn’t figure out what team it was, I knew it was from the 90’s given its teal green coloring but I knew it wasn’t a pistons jersey. It had that classic 90’s trimming around the neck and the arms, still stumped… I had to call in the big gun, Mr Jersey. He sent me a list of all the teams Bibby played for and immediately I knew it was the forgotten franchise from Canada, The Vancouver Grizzles. The whole ordeal triggered a google search of 90’s jerseys and I forgot how fucking awesome the 90’s were in the NBA, probably because I was 4, 9, and 14 when MJ Retired. So here are my top 10, 90’s Jerseys from the NBA’s Golden age.    Continue reading “Top 10 90’s Jerseys From The NBA”

Ranking Nike’s All Star Game Shoes


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So from left to right, we have Anthony Davis’s, Lebron’s, Kobe’s, Kyrie Irving’s (yikes), Demar Derozan’s, and KD’s. Looks like compared to year’s past, they went with duller, softer colors, not allowing everyone watching to make the obligatory “What, I can’t hear you, KD’s shoes are too loud!” joke while watching the All Star game on Valentines Day this year. (at least not from the Nike lineup.) Anyway, here’s my initial reactions to each and the how I rank them. I’m going to pull Kyrie’s out of the competition because he’s not competing in the All Star game.  Continue reading “Ranking Nike’s All Star Game Shoes”

Twitter is Not Feeling Ronda Rousey’s Body Paint Pics

Specifically #BlackTwitter I should say. BlacksportsOnline just tweeted out a couple new pics of Rousey’s body paint photo shoot for Sports Illustrated and well, the reaction isn’t great.

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