I’m a Little Upset I Wasn’t Invited to the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened In Humanity

We’ve all been to a concert. Going to a concert is like losing your virginity, once you do it you want to keep doing it…and you always remember your first. My first was Shania Twain, and unfortunately I’m talking about my first concert I went to and not who introduced me to the ways of love making.  Continue reading “I’m a Little Upset I Wasn’t Invited to the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened In Humanity”


Friday Dog Blog

It’s back! If you don’t know about the Friday Dog Blog you might be a cat person. Be ready experience the wide range of human emotions going through this blog. Dogs rule!

First up is just one of many incredible stories about how service dogs drastically improve life for kids with autism. Is it dusty in here? Continue reading “Friday Dog Blog”

Lebron James’s Character Arc Is Perfectly In Sync With Jon Snow’s, and I Can Prove It.

For the past 6 years, no two people or entities have dominated summers quite like Lebron James and Game of Thrones fan favorite Jon Snow. Lebron has managed to make it the NBA finals every year Game of Thrones has been a TV show. The two perfectly synced timelines has allowed the parallels of the show and the league have melded so seamlessly, that Bleacher Report even has a mini web series called “Game of Zones” which pokes fun at the overlapping timelines of the two summertime entertainment powerhouses.

I consider myself a super fan of both the NBA and Game of Thrones. I read books about each, I watch both religiously, I’ve looked for Easter eggs in old episodes and chapters of Game of Thrones just like I look for clues and subtle hints in NBA Free Agents social media presence. Seriously, the similarities are uncanny.

There’s one thing I’ve been dying to say. I wish I had a mountain top so I could scream it from the top of my lungs, but I don’t. What I have is a blog that we literally resurrected like Jon Snow’s lifeless body in Season 6 episode 2 of GoT…Jon Snow and Lebron James have had the exact same character story arc…and I can prove it.  Continue reading “Lebron James’s Character Arc Is Perfectly In Sync With Jon Snow’s, and I Can Prove It.”

Game of Thrones Recap of Seasons 1-6 in 12 minutes

6 days from now Game of Thrones makes it return for its, penultimate, 7th season. For those of you who might not have enough time to watch each episode beforehand, this video is a nice way to dip your toes into the Game of Thrones waters. I’m sure we’ll be cannon-balling into the deep end with Coach and Mr. Jersey later this week.  #WinterIsHere




YouTube Rabbit Hole: Game of Zones

Welcome back to BLOG30.co! We are currently staring down the barrel of probably worst week of the Summer.  This is the first full week of work back since the 4th, we are weeks away from the next holiday, there are literally no sports on except the MLB All-Star game. A truly all time low feeling for anyone working behind a desk right now on this hellish Monday.

Don’t worry though Blog30 is back just in time! The only highlights we have to look forward to is NBA Free Agency and Game of Thrones FINALLY making its return on Sunday. Well here is a little timewaste combining both of those things. Only 39 hours of work left this week!




Coach’s Swan Song


This is it people. The last you’ll hear from ol’ Coach. Sometimes something happens that is so preposterous and simple you have to come out of blog retirement just to vent about it. I work in an office (sick brag) and part of my daily duties is to answer the phone. There are 7 people in the office, and we all rotate who answers the phone. Some of us answer more than others (points finger at self.)  Continue reading “Coach’s Swan Song”